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Malthe Hansen-Bruhn.
Figure 1: DNA-based homogeneous systems hold potential for the development of rapid assays. The inter-distance of fluorophores can be modulated by proteins, which in turn can be reversed by small molecules. An assay is born.

2018.11.28 | PhD defence

Detecting Small Molecules – from fundamental research to applied science

PhD defence, Wednesday, 28 November 2018. Malthe Hansen-Bruhn.

Zhaozong Sun.
Left: metal mode, right: O mode STM images and center: ball model showing Fe doped cobalt oxides on a Au(111) substrate. Color code for atoms in the structural model: red: O, dark blue: Co, black: Fe, light blue: modified Co, purple: modified O and yellow: Au. (This figure is reproduced from the thesis cover.)

2018.11.26 | PhD defence

Splitting water with Fe atoms in Co oxide catalysts

PhD defence, Monday 26 November 2018. Zhaozong Sun.

Harish Lakhotiya.

2018.11.26 | PhD defence

Spectral tuning in lanthanide-doped inorganic systems for solar cell efficiency enhancement

PhD defence, Monday 26 November 2018. Harish Lakhotiya.

James Pickering.

2018.11.23 | PhD defence

Controlled explosion of molecular clusters at ultracold temperatures

PhD defence, Friday 23 November 2018. James Pickering.

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Wed 19 Dec
09:00-09:00 | 1531-119, Auditorium D2, Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University, Ny Munkegade 116, 8000 Aarhus C
PhD defence: How mammals shape the world
PhD student Rasmus Østergaard Pedersen, Department of Bioscience
Thu 20 Dec
13:15-15:15 | 1590-231, iNANO House, Gustav Wieds Vej 14, 8000 Aarhus C
Qualifying exam: RNA Origami Scaffolds as a Synthetic Biology tool for Metabolic Engineering
PhD student, Truong-Giang Anh Nguyen, Nanoscience

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