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2018.08.06 | Talent development, PhD students

PhD Course: How to get published

A joint PhD Course focusing on aspects of the publication process. The course will bring together PhD students from all disciplines.

2018.08.06 | Talent development, PhD students

New law about Danish Education came into effect on 1 July

What are the consequences of the new law? What Danish courses can I now take? How do I make an informed decision? Read more about the new law and its consequences.

2018.06.14 | Talent development, PhD students

Call for applications for visiting scholarships at Stanford, UC Berkeley and MIT

Innovation Center Denmark, Silicon Valley, as the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education recently opened for the next round of applications for scholarships at three top-universities in the US: Sustainable energy through CATalysis (SUNCAT) at Stanford UniversityCenter for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society…

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Dmitry Otryakhin

2019.09.27 | PhD defence

Numerical recipes for certain stochastic integrals

PhD defense, Friday 27 September 2019. Dmitry Otryakhin.

Lars Nielsen
A microscope image of a PIC, which holds 16 mode-locked lasers. A mode-locked laser is a subpart of the photonic microwave oscillator. The total size of the PIC is 4x4.6 mm2.

2019.09.27 | PhD defence

Microwaves from an Optical Chip – Towards Faster Data Connections

PhD defence, Friday 27 September 2019. Lars Nielsen.

2019.09.27 | PhD defence

Excitation and Ionization of Superfluid Droplets

PhD defence, Friday 27 September 2019. Mykola Shcherbinin.

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