The role of mammals in nature then and now

PhD defence, Wednesday 19 December 2019. Rasmus Østergaard Pedersen.

2018.12.19 | PHD Administration

Rasmus Østergaard Pedersen

During his studies, MSc Rasmus Ø. Pedersen researched the ecology of mammals on global scale. This is a broad study in so-called macroecology, which is investigating the general trends in the impact of land-living mammals in nature during the last approx. 130 thousand years. Rasmus has worked with the ecological traits – as for example population density and diet – and has described some the changes that has happened after the extinction of several of the especially large mammals during the human global colonization.

The new research findings contribute to the understanding of the role of mammals currently compared to the past and increase our general knowledge of nature on a global scale. Furthermore the study brings basic knowledge, which can be used in nature restoration projects with a focus on restoration though natural dynamics of mammal species.

The PhD degree was completed at the Department of Bioscience - Ecoinformatics and Biodiversity, Science and Technology, Aarhus University.

This résumé was prepared by the PhD student.

Time: Wednesday 19 December 2019 at 09.00
Place: Building 1531, room 119, Auditorium D2, Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University, Ny Munkegade 116, 8000 Aarhus C
Title of PhD thesis: : How mammals shape the world
Contact information: Rasmus Østergaard Pedersen, e-mail:, tel.: 2445 5944
Members of the assessment committee:
Professor Richard Sibly, School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading, England
Associate Professor Chris Smit, Experimental Conservation Ecology, University of Groningen, Netherlands
Associate Professor Signe Normand (chair), Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University
Main supervisor:
Professor Jens-Christian Svenning, Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University
Assistant Professor Søren Faurby, Department of Biological & Environmental Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Language: The PhD dissertation will be defended in English

The defence is public.
The PhD thesis is available for reading at the Graduate School of Science and Technology/GSST, Ny Munkegade 120, building 1520 and 1521, 8000 Aarhus C.

PhD defence
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