Inertial sensing techniques in biologging

ECTS credits:



Course parameters:


PhD course

Autumn 2017

50 contact hours, 10 hours of preparation

25 participants


Objectives of the course:

Bio-logging studies with high-resolution movement-sensors offer opportunities to observe animal behavior in unprecedented detail, but analysis of the resulting data is often complex, and there is a need for freely available, easy-to-use, flexible software tools along with appropriate training to facilitate analysis and interpretation. This 4-day PhD course introduces participants to a new open-source tool kit for processing data from tags with movement sensors (such as pressure, accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope). The tool kit has Matlab, Octave, and R versions, and includes tools to read/write, calibrate, process, visualize, and carry out statistical analysis of datasets from multiple tag types. The goal of the course is to enable high-quality, reproducible, sophisticated analyses of tag data, while also facilitating comparison of results between studies, tag-types and computational software.


Learning outcomes and competences:

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

Engage in discrete time series analysis using matlab

Off load and archive complex data series from biologging devices

Quantify diving and motion behaviours using magnetometers and accelerometers in tags

Calibrate tag sensors to absolute values

Visualize and plot key elements of animal kinematics


Compulsory programme:

Preparation via reading list, active participation during the course and at final presentation


Course contents:

Lectures, theoretical exercises, computer exercises and praticals using humans and porpoises



Phd students working with biologging techniques on marine mammals, basic experience with Matlab is required


Name of lecturers:

Mark Johnson (University of St. Andrews), Jeremy Goldbogen (Stanford University), Peter T. Madsen (Aarhus University)


Type of course/teaching methods:

Lectures, theoretical and practical exercises



and handouts


Course homepage:


Course assessment:

Oral presentation at the end of the course based on praticals, pass/fail 



Dept. of Bioscience



1-5 October 2017



Fjord and Belt center, Kerteminde, Denmark



Deadline for registration is 20 September 2017. Information regarding admission will be sent out no later than 22 September 2017.


For registration please write


If you have any questions, please contact Peter T. Madsen: tel.: (0045) 5177 8771

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