Course work for PhD students can consist of, for example,

  • Transferable skills courses (common to all of GSST) ( At most, 10 ECTS can be covered by transferable skills courses.)
  • MSc courses (AU or elsewhere)
  • PhD courses (AU or elsewhere)
  • Ad-hoc mini-courses (typically by guest professors)
  • Summer schools
  • "Journal clubs" organized in the research groups

Currently we direct your attention to:

Registration for master's courses

At the Department of Computer Science our master's courses are also targeted at PhD students. See the course catalogue.

Before 1st and 3rd quarters you must sign up for the courses you want to attend the two coming quarters.

Please note that there are two different procedures when signing up for Master’s courses depending on whether the course should be part of the 30 ECTS PhD course programme or the 60 ECTS Master’s programme.

All PhD students who wish to follow a Master’s course as part of their 30 ECTS PhD course programme must send an e-mail to, subject “Registration for Master’s Courses”, containing the following information: Name, student number, name of the course, quarter, and STADS UVA code (can be found in the course catalogue

PhD students who wish to follow a Master’s course as part of their 60 ECTS Master’s programme, must sign up for Master’s courses through the online Self Service facility.

Course credit for non-standard activities

To get course credit (ECTS points) for activities, such as summer schools, journal clubs, or courses from non-Danish universities, send an email to the head of the CS PhD committee Anders Møller containing:

  • a description of the scientific contents (for example, a link to a web page showing the schedule for the summer school or journal club)
  • an estimate of the total number of hours spent by the student, including preparation
  • a short recommendation by the main supervisor

Usually, 1 ECTS corresponds to 25-28 hours of work. After approval, upload the email containing the approval as a PDF to PhD-Planner.

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