Staying abroad

As PhD student at Aarhus University, you have to spend four to eight months visiting another research institution to gain experience outside our local environment. Usually, your supervisor helps establish contact to an institution of interest for your studies. If you need to apply for visa, please make sure to do so as early as possible.

Note that if your host pays you salary during your stay abroad, you must take leave from your PhD studies while you are away. If you wish to apply for an extension of your PhD studies, contact the PhD committee chairman Anders Møller.

Exemption from salaried work while abroad

You may be exempted from some of your salaried work without salary reduction (70 or 140 hours depending on the lenght of your stay abroad, as described in the Rules for salaried work. See also the GSST quick guide on teaching exemption. On the below flow chart from the GSST rules and regulations, you can see how the exemption is calculated.

Remember to apply for exemption  by sending an email to PhD partner Nanna M. E. Pedersen including:

  • name of host institution
  • the exact period of your stay
  • approval of the stay abroad from your main supervisor and the chair of the PhD committee

Once approved, the hours you will be exempted for will be extracted from your teaching portfolio, and you must update your PhD plan.

Tax deduction

When staying abroad, you may be eligible to a tax deduction for "double housekeeping". See the rules at SKAT (in Danish). The amount is currently 25.000 DKK per calendar year (so it may make a difference if your stay spans two calendar years).

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