PhD events

Annual PhD event
Every year, the Department of Engineering hosts a PhD event in which all of the engineering PhD students are expected to participate. The goal of the event is to bring the PhD students from the different research sections together and have them work together on a topic across disciplines.

Other talent Development activities
The Department of Engineering provides support for other talent development activities in the following categories:

  • Section-oriented events with presentations of on-going research by PhDs and postdocs, for example with a poster session.
  • Cross-disciplinary events exploring potential research collaboration possibilities.
  • Events incorporating either younger BSc and MSc students or former researchers with existing research groups in either an open-source setting or research collaboration setting.

In all these cases, an application can be made to the head of the ENG PhD committee for co-funding of the event. Such applications must be made by email with a description of the proposed event and its expected outcomes.

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