It is recommended that PhD students make sure to publish their work during their PhD study.

Initially such publications can be at small workshops with light peer-reviewing processes to give the PhD students experience in writing papers and presenting the results. However, it is recommended that at least one of the papers produced during the PhD study is targeted a venue that gives credit to the university (typically a journal).

The number of expected publications varies for the different research areas but for most research areas in ENG, a minimum of three publications during the PhD study is expected. In some areas of Engineering, this can go up to more than ten publications for the very productive PhD students, whereas in other areas a single high-impact publication is preferable.

Registration of publications and activities
All publications and activities must be registered in Aarhus University’s publication registration database (PURE). Send your publications when they have been published and your activities to The department secretariat will then register them in PURE.

For more information on what type of publications that must be registered in PURE:


In relation to joint publications, the list of authors and their order can be a potential cause for conflict. In the medical domain they have something called the Vancouver protocol which states general principles for who should be included as authors of scientific publications. This protocol states that in order to be credited as an author, each and every author of a publication needs to have been involved in

  1. the conception and design, or analysis and interpretation of data AND
  2. drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content AND
  3. have given a final approval of the version to be published.

In case one have only assisted with some of these elements an acknowledgement in the publication should be sufficient.

Some supervisors may have other opinions about when authorship should be granted, but in those cases it is expected that this is made absolutely clear in a written agreement between the supervisor and the PhD student before starting the PhD study.

Author list
With respect to the order of authors listed on a publication, some research groups have traditions for ordering the co-authors in the order of importance to the contribution of the different co-authors. Other groups use an alphabetic ordering according to surnames of authors. With respect to the PhD study, the different traditions are not so important since for all co-authored publications a written statement needs to be signed by all co-authors indicating the importance of the contribution of the PhD student both for the research itself as well as the contribution for the actual writing.This is something that should be informed about in writing between the supervisor and the PhD student before the actual PhD study is started.

Publication and printing of thesis

Publishing your thesis
At the Department of Engineering, we encourage our PhD students to publish their PhD thesis as an Open Access publication through the AU Library Scholarly Publishing Services E-Book platform.

It is free of charge and you do not sign over any rights to your manuscript by publishing it here. Your thesis will get an ISBN and a DOI which will increase its visibility on the internet. We will also link to the E-Book website from the department website.

After your defence, you upload your manuscript by registering at the website: 

Printing your thesis
PhD students that wish to get printed copies of the thesis must make the necessary arrangements themselves. Notice that the PhD student or supervisor must cover the costs related to the printing.

We recommend using AU's printing Office SUN-TRYK. Please find more information on SUN-TRYK's website.

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