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This page includes the basic information that you will need during your stay as a PhD student at iNANO.

The iNANO employee website

At the iNANO employee website you will find information relevant to your stay, including administrative services, house info, research, grant funding, and so on.

Allocation of office space

As a PhD student you will be allocated an office space. Head of Secretariat Annette Wandahl is responsible for the allocation, and please contact her, if you have any questions.

Issuance of insurance cards

To apply for a travel insurance card, please fill out the insurance card form. When you have filled out the form you must go to Head of Secretariat Annette Wandahl to obtain the card. For more detailed information about the insurance policy and period of cover, please refer to the AU staff website

Registration of illness and holidays

If you are employed as a PhD student, Administrative Officer Trine Møller Hansen should be informed if you have fallen ill, your child is ill, or if you would like to hold child care days. Trine is also responsible for the registration of holidays.

If you are enrolled but not employed as a PhD student, you should contact your PhD partner at GSST for registration of long term illness during your study in order to be eligible for extension of your study.



Keys, access card, and office supplies

To obtain keys and access cards please contact the Student Helpers' office in 1590-218. The Student Helpers can also provide you with standard office supplies.


To stay updates with relevant information during your stay at iNANO, you can sign up by sending an email to Administrative Officer Trine Møller Hansen.

If you are an international student, it may also be relevant to sign up for the International Academic Staff newsletter though the IAS website.

Reimbursement and travel portal

Most students will need access to the Aarhus University reimbursement system AURUS and the travel portal CWT for booking plane tickets. You can get access to both systems by filling out the application form from the AURUS website.



IT Helpdesk

The IT helpdesk can help you with IT related problems. You can find their opening hours and relevant information about backup, printers, file servers, and so on at the Campus IT website. You can contact the helpdesk by email or by phone 8715 4010.

Most Tuesday, you can find IT-suppoter Jens Ole Jensen in office 1590-222.

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