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Reimbursement for travel expenses

Travel expenses in connection with the PhD defence will be refunded by GSST.

  • Basic economy class air fare (the most economical flight with a reasonable travelling time).
  • Public transportation to your destination in Denmark (unless there are compelling reasons for using alternative means of transportation in which case the reason must be given in the travel statement).
  • Up to three nights at a hotel at a maximum of DKK 1,000 per night.

Please note that in order to get reimbursement you must provide (a scan of) the original receipts (not just the credit card slip).
You can ask for reimbursement for your consumption (remember receipts!) OR you can ask for per diem.

Please send the signed statement along with scans of all your receipts to: gradschool.scitech@au.dk.

How to fill in the travel statement form:



12602 / i43