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The PhD programme at iNANO

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Applying for a PhD position at iNANO

You have two options to choose from when you wish to apply for a PhD position at iNANO. You can either apply through the general application from (where you suggest a supervisor and specify a project) or apply for a specific project.

Irrespective of which application form you choose, we highly recommend that you contact the suggested supervisor first and that you read the application guidelines.

Local Programme Secretary

PhD events

Monday, 18. November 2019 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Development of novel 3D bioactive scaffolds-giving promise for...

PhD student Zhongyang Zhang

Friday, 15. November 2019 | PhD activities

Qualifying exam: Optimization of ferrite-based exchange-spring magnets

PhD student Priyank Shyam, iNANO

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